About Us

A little background…

greenhouse pix2The Hinton Community Greenhouse is a not-for-profit, community-based public greenhouse that provides residents of Hinton with a secure, shared, welcoming, indoor environment for personal gardening.

The project began early in 2009 as an Alberta Parks and Recreation Association (ARPA) ACE Communities initiative. Two 30-ft by 180-ft steel and poly greenhouses were donated to the Hinton Community Garden Society by Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd., and were erected in 2010 at 889 Switzer Dr., between the Recreation Center and the Hinton Center. The first greenhouse (Northside) opened its doors in spring 2011 and successfully rented 1650 sq ft of raised wooden garden beds to 40 plot-holders. The second greenhouse (Southside) and the outdoor garden boxes will be ready for planting in spring 2012.

The Hinton Community Garden project has three purposes:
•To improve Hinton’s food security by ensuring a perennial local supply of fresh, organic produce;.
•To reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by reducing the amount of fossil fuel used in the production, processing, and transport of food;.
•To promote social cohesion and inclusiveness by functioning as a “Third Place” where everyone can participate