Reserve Your 2018 Plot Now!

Reserve Your 2018 Plot Now!

2018 Season Updates:

Member registration and plot reservations are available anytime! There are several options for registering and reserving plots. You can register or reserve a plot by filling out the form on the Plot Rentals page, you can register in person at our Annual General Meeting (date TBA) or you can contact our Registration Coordinator here.

The registration fee for 2018 is $10. Plots are $1/sq. ft. outside, $2/sq. ft inside. We also require a $40 deposit from members to ensure they provide 4 hours of volunteering and clean their plot(s) up at the end of the growing season.

Members are welcome to start preparing their plots for spring. There is no specific date for when planting can begin. It’s all up to you! Water will be turned on once the weather warms up enough. An announcement will be made at that time. In the meantime, water is available from the tap on the outside of Barrow’s building.

Seed sharing is encouraged. You are welcome to leave any extra seeds you have on the table in each greenhouse. A labelled box will be left on the table in each greenhouse for this purpose.

Be sure to start your tomato and pepper plants from seed at least a month or two in advance of the outdoor growing season. If you have any extras, you are welcome to label them and leave them beside the seed sharing boxes.

If you have any questions or concerns, or suggestions/recommendations for how we could do things better at the greenhouse please let us know by emailing

We hope you have another fun and productive season at HCGS!